Friday, August 31, 2012


Dave continued, dropping the smile. "If anyone hasn't heard, we did have our first gunshot wound in our eight-year run. Brady was hit in the arm during a gang battle on Friday afternoon. But he's totally ok. They stayed on in El Salvador, and they'll be back..."

"Tomorrow," Emily said. She continued the travel report: "And Rachel and Ricardo are coming back from Tasmania today..."

"Those devils," said the elder Andy.

"...And Jason and Michelle left for Damascus this morning. Well..."

Dave interjected. "If you've heard a rumor about Jason this morning, it's taken care of; it's no big deal. He wasn't feeling too great, but he'll be on his way this afternoon. Also, we have a record nine freelancers working for us around the world as we speak. How we ever got along with just three, I'll never know."

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