Monday, August 6, 2012


The text from Black Andy read, "Lets do dizzys at 1230." Just thinking of Dizzy's made Michelle hungry. She wished they could've gone at a time more appropriate for brunch, but he was at church, probably texting her during the sermon.

She finished the chapter she was reading and got dressed. She thought about him, without her, among all those people she could never spend time with. Growing up with a preacher for a father had not suited her disposition, and to be dating someone who attended church every Sunday was unsettling. It was a major reason she had avoided dating Andy for nearly two years. She no longer spoke to her family, and he was like a different version of them, another program on the same channel. But no one made her smile like he could.

She laced up her boots and headed out to see him.


  1. This is a really interesting angle!

  2. Thanks! I've known about this aspect of their relationship since the beginning, but I wasn't sure when it would actually come up. Glad you're still reading!

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