Friday, August 17, 2012


Andy enjoyed cooking now and then, particularly when Michelle was leaving town. He'd wanted to try out a salmon recipe he'd seen in a magazine, but Michelle didn't care for salmon, so he was cooking curry chicken instead.

"Hey, that show Army Wives is on," Michelle said from his living room.

"Ok." There was a sneer in his response.

"Ok let's watch it, or ok I know you're crazy now?"

He peeked in from the kitchen. "Girl please, you know I don't go for that military stuff, much less those housewife shows."

His dislike of the military angered her, and she wasn't in the mood to keep it to herself. "Ya know, soldiers work hard every day, just like you, and they're helping us stay free. What's the problem?"

He didn't peek out this time. "Could we please not get into it right before you leave? Just find somethin' you know we'll both like."

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