Tuesday, August 21, 2012


As they ate their dinner, Aggie embroiled in conversation and Brady chewing and making faces at the children, he wondered what it would be like to brush his leg against hers, as if by accident. They both wore shorts, and they were sitting close in the crowded dining room. He wondered if it would tickle, if she would blush, if it could possibly lead to kissing later...

What was he thinking? He reminded himself of one of his college buddies who could never get a date and spent all his time thinking up ways to win a woman's heart. This wasn't Brady Murr. Besides, how could they keep on working together even if something might develop? Better to put it out of his head, somehow.

But she was lovely. The family loved her. The young girls, and the older boys, especially. Who wouldn't love her?

Disgusted with himself, he focused on building a big pork burrito. This was truly a meal worthy of publication. But the world would never know the feelings the photographer had for the writer. And neither would she.

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