Wednesday, August 29, 2012


At 8:45 Emily was chatting with Tanya, one of the girls in Finance, through the shared wall of their cubicles as she scanned her computer screen. "Hm," she said. "Michelle's Facebook status says, 'Whole nudda level,' with a smiley face."

"What's that about?" said Tanya.

"I'm guessing either going to Syria with all the protests, or the thing with Jason this morning, like a whole nudda level of ridiculous, or..."

"Or maybe Andy? Are you friends with him?"

"Yeah, but he doesn't use it. He's too paranoid." Emily switched to checking on the new issue's print status.

"Hmph. So Dave was pretty mad this morning?"

"Oh man, I've never seen him like that. Jason's skatin' on thin ice. Dave thinks he's not really sick and is just bein' a flake."

"I used to think he was pretty professional."

"I tell ya, Status should be pretty interesting this morning."

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