The Characters

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In order of appearance:

Emily Dunsford, Travel and Logistics Associate
Age: 25
Relationship status: In a relationship (boyfriend Paul, two years)
Blond and athletic, Emily is very popular. She lives for the night life and knows Manhattan as well as anyone. Emily does all the booking for BT and whatever else is needed.

Jason Huston, Writer
Age: 27
Relationship status: It’s complicated
Jason is the best dressed person in the office. He travels frequently for the magazine, always with his photographer Michelle.

Michelle Owens, Photographer
Age: 25
Relationship status: In a relationship (with "Black" Andy, four months)
Michelle is from Greenwich Village and graduated from UConn-Stamford. She is thrilled with her new relationship with Andy.

Dave Pike, SVP Content
Age: 39
Relationship status: Married (two children)
Dave has been with BT since its beginning eight years ago. He started as a writer, traveling the world before he met his wife and settled down. Now he decides which articles go in BT and which don’t. He’s well respected.

“Black” Andy Williams, Layout Director
Age: 26
Relationship status: In a relationship (with Michelle, four months)
Andy is from the Bronx and went to Fordham U. He and Michelle were hired just over two years ago and flirted until four months ago, when they finally started dating.

Brian Grouper, Planning and Content Manager
Age: 28
Relationship status: Single (hopelessly)
Brian is nerdy but creative and driven. He hopes to be a VP at BT eventually. Brian controls the table of contents and is responsible for putting each issue of BT together.

Brady Murr, Photographer
Age: 24
Relationship status: Single (looking)
Brady is an accomplished photographer and likes to party. A native of Yonkers and graduate of NYU, he is the eternal frat boy and a huge Mets fan. He is usually sent on-location with Aggie, with whom he’s worked closely since he started as an intern at BT three years ago.

Aggie Simms, Sr. Writer
Age: 25
Relationship status: Single (not really looking)
A writer for the magazine for three years, Aggie recently covered the riots in Egypt, where she ran into trouble more than once along with her photographer, Brady. She has curly brown hair, blue eyes and a ruddy complexion. Aggie is from Vermont and got her journalism degree at Pace University.

Paul Henley, Emily's boyfriend
Age: 34
Relationship status: In a relationship
CFO of a small software company in Manhattan, Paul has been dating Emily for two years. He owns a boat and is a work hard/play hard type.

Andy Haines, Senior Editor
Age: 42
Relationship status: Married (two children)
Andy is going through a very rough spot in his marriage. He's been with BT from the beginning, after working for a major travel magazine for six years. He's a big softy, well-liked by his employees.

Heather, a new friend
Age: Unknown
Relationship status: Single (looking)
Jason met Heather in Times Square and invited her to hang out with his friends from the office. She spent a fun evening with them and is looking forward to seeing her new friends again.

Diane Haines, Andy's wife
Age: Unknown
Relationship status: Married (two children)
Diane has become very unhappy in her marriage to Andy. She has never made any effort to connect with anyone from his office. She is very protective of their two children.

Pierce Devreaux, BT's attorney
Age: 46
Relationship status: Married (three children)
Pierce is a top lawyer in NYC and makes much of his living defending the publishing company that owns BT. He maintains relationships with the senior staff of many publishing firms, including a solid friendship with Dave.

Peter Leiser, private contractor
Age: 33
Relationship status: Single (one child)
Peter is part of a little-known global network of private security and defense contractors. Much of his work is done outside the law, so he keeps a low profile. His biggest customer base is wealthy executives in New York, where he has built a reputation as someone who can do things that government agencies won't, but always within a strict moral code.

Asu Tlass, a stranger
Age: Unknown, probably late teens or early 20s
Relationship status: Single
Asu rescued Michelle from an unknown fate beside a desert highway outside Damascus. He and his father, a doctor, are nursing her to health. He has displayed possessive traits toward her, and his intentions are unknown.

Rani Shishakly, private policeman
Age: 43
Relationship status: Married (three children)
Rani is part of the network of security contractors of which Peter is a member. They are friends and have worked together in the past.

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