Thursday, August 16, 2012


It took an offer of a free truckload of groceries at the magazine's expense, but Brady and Aggie managed to get their invitation to dinner. The family lived on a ranch outside town, so they were given a ride by a cousin who was going to be joining them for dinner, as well. When they arrived, seven shouting children greeted them in the driveway.

"Hola!" Brady shouted back, trying to remember the Spanish word for "children." Aggie noticed that he immediately fit right in despite the language barrier, and it seemed the children fell in love with him immediately. Their driver informed her that he couldn't remember white people ever visiting this ranch before, explaining their excitement. A little girl of about three, holding a doll and sucking her thumb, stared at her.

"Hola," Aggie said to the girl, bending toward her. The girl smiled and ran to the other children.

"This is great, huh?" said Brady, snapping pictures. She had to admit it was, and that she never would've thought of it.

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