Tuesday, August 7, 2012


One hour behind Brooklyn, Aggie and Brady were finishing brunch at a traditional restaurant in Santa Tecla. "I can't get over how good the coffee is here," Aggie said between sips. "I'm gonna have to do some research and find out if there's any way to get this in New York."

Brady looked out the window as he picked berries out of his fruit salad. "Think you can get some beans on the plane?"

"I should think so. I wonder if they roast 'em in a different way here. Anyway, listen. Let's brainstorm. We got lucky with our one little adventure, but if we could get a little more action before we leave, we'd have a trip more than worthy of Bold Traveler. What kind of shots does my star photographer still wanna get?"

His gaze hadn't left the window. Suddenly he stood up. "Hang on." He left the table and then the building, plate in hand. Through the windows, Aggie saw him give his scraps to a beggar on the sidewalk that he'd apparently been watching. She shook her head. What was it with him always looking for someone to help? It was charming, but somehow a little annoying, too. Like he was trying too hard to play the hero.

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