Monday, August 13, 2012


[Note: In the previous episode, the party Andy mentioned should have been "this Saturday" rather than "this Wednesday," since Michelle will be in Syria on Wednesday. Oops.]

Emily and Paul had Sunday brunch, too, but theirs was an impromptu meal with Paul's friends Tommy and Joanna. Emily hadn't been excited about spending yet more time with them on her romantic getaway with Paul, but she had such a good time chatting with them that she was the one to suggest an afternoon of shopping in Watch Hill. The men agreed to tag along and buy lobster rolls when everyone was hungry again.

"Of course this place is pretty empty this time o' year," Tommy explained. "But in the summer it's hard just to drive by the beach, with the constant crowd of people walkin' through here. You two should come back in a few months. Memorial Day, maybe."

Emily and Joanna shared an excited smile. "Yeah, please do that!" said the latter. "We'll spend all day on the beach; it'll be great."

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