Monday, August 20, 2012


"Aggie, com'ere, you gotta see this." Brady was with the men of the family in a shed behind the house. Aggie stepped inside just in time to see a large hog being slaughtered. Brady was taking pictures.

"Whoa, ok," she said in a voice somewhere between incredulity and disgust. "I hope you don't think those pictures are going in my story."

"Naa, but maybe my Facebook!" He came closer to her. "Admit it, you're salivating right now."

She gave him a small taste of her elbow in his ribs but said, "I do like me some puerco."

"Looks like dinner's still a ways off, though."

"You'll be happy to know, I just got a soccer game goin'."

"Boo-yah. Let's play."

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