Tuesday, August 21, 2012


They had decided to just turn the TV off. They ate on the couch quietly for a minute, each frustrated with the other. Andy's mind was on Michelle's assignment in Damascus, and he broke the silence with a thought.

"I wonder if Syria is ready for Jason."

She smiled in spite of herself.

Andy said, "Ya know, when Dave took us to lunch yesterday, he treated us to a bottle o' wine, and then Jason ordered his own drink."


"I'm tellin' ya, somethin's goin' on with him. Some kinda phase."

"He best watch himself this week. I ain't in the mood for no bull."

"Heh, keep your leash on 'im."

Suddenly they made eye contact. She took his hand and rubbed it with her thumb. "Andy, I know we still have a lot to work through."

"Yeah, I'm sorry..."

"I just wanna tell you...that I love you."

He was speechless, both surprised and overjoyed.

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