Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Neither Andy nor Michelle had a great love of shopping, but they loved spending time together, and clothing stores were an affordable place for that in the winter. Michelle was trying on a few items with no intention of making a purchase. Andy was happy to serve as an audience for her modeling.

"How do you like this skirt? It's on a really good sale. It'd be perfect with that light blue top, you know the one?"

He didn't, but she didn't need to know that. "That looks great. Shows off your legs real nice."

"You ok, Andy? You seem a little off, not yourself."

"I'm just thinkin' about your trip."

"You're not worried about me, are ya?" She came closer and touched his face. "Come on, Bold Traveler's been going to the Middle East for eight years. It's no big deal."

"Yeah, but you haven't been there. And Syria's crazy right now."

She kissed him. "Andy, it's fine. Please don't worry. It's not good for you."

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