Friday, June 29, 2012


Aggie sat on a curb and took more notes about their experiences on her smartphone. As Brady continued taking pictures, he said, "Wonder where the jail is, or prison or whatever. Would be awesome if we could interview those guys that helped us yesterday."

She stopped typing, but her back was to Brady, so he couldn't see. She looked toward the plaza in the center of downtown and wondered if they actually could try to see him. "Brady, that's a really good idea. Come on." She stood and brushed the dust from her capris.

"Where to?"

"Back to the police station."

"Oh, good idea. We had a blast the first time." He followed her back up the street. "Hey, ya know, I was really just thinking out loud back there." He had to jog to catch up. "It wasn't that great an idea."

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