Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Emily gently woke Andy with a hand on his shoulder when they arrived at his house on the Upper East Side at a quarter past two. "Andy, you're home."

"Mm. Uh? Oh. Oh, thanks, guys." He opened the car door and stumbled out. As Emily followed Andy out, he turned to her with a smile and said, "Oh man, my wife's gonna kill me." She wasn't sure to what degree he was joking. She and Paul supported him on either side, and they made their way up the walk to the door as the taxi waited.

The door opened before they reached it. Mrs. Haines, a thin woman with dark hair, had been waiting, possibly crying. "Where were you?" Her voice was angry, but her trembling suggested relief from panic. "I called and called..." She broke down and began to weep.

"Honey, I'm..."

"Thank you," she said to Paul and Emily, regaining her composure. "Goodnight." She closed the door.

The younger couple stood on the doorstep and looked at each other. They embraced. "Don't ever make me feel that way, Paul Henley. That was too sad." He kissed her eyelids in response.

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