Friday, June 1, 2012


Emily decided they may have to include Andy in their night out, which might not be so bad. She loved an opportunity for a good story later. "Well, if Michelle ever shows up, we can figure out what to do next."

Black Andy had just seated himself, but now he stood again and reached for the phone in his pocket. "She's not here yet?"

"No. You haven't heard from her? She and Jason both left the office early, about the same time." She immediately wished she hadn't said that.

He had Michelle on the line now. "Hey. Where you at? Don't feel good? Come to Nemo's; we'll help ya feel better."

The other Andy had just ordered a third drink and was beginning to look flushed when he offered, "Maybe she's with Jason, huh?" Emily shot him a punishing look, while Paul hid his face so his amusement wouldn't show.

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