Wednesday, June 6, 2012


The group managed to distract themselves enough to put Jason's actions on the backburner, with help from Michelle's eventual arrival and original Andy's drunken antics. None of them had seen Andy like this, and most of them felt concerned, some for his present and future health, others for his home life. And all hoped their concerns were unfounded and that this was a one time occurrence.

They also managed to make Heather feel welcome despite the awkward circumstances. She was a cheery girl and a bit cheeky, though not in an insulting way. The group found they enjoyed her company, especially Michelle who was under the weather and had sat next to Heather, a born caretaker. By the time they all left for a noisy club in midtown, Andy in tow, some of them almost hoped Heather would remain their friend, even if it meant Jason ended his relationship with Sherry.

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