Tuesday, June 19, 2012


"Oh, that sounds miserable." Emily was reminded of the many times she'd heard people encourage divorce in such situations, but she rejected such advice. She had grown up in a loving family, unlike so many of her friends, and she still believed in marriage. She wasn't sure what could help Andy and Diane love each other better, but she was sure something could.

"Oh, I know it's so cliché," Andy said with a drunken drawl, "the burnt-out forty-something with problems at home."

She just wanted to say something positive. "Well, I never thought of you as 'burnt-out.'"

"Mm, thanks."

There was a pause while she thought of something else to say. "So, what happens when you do go home? Will you be in trouble?"

He laughed. "Probably! That'll be fun with the hangover I'm gonna have."

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