Friday, June 22, 2012


A half hour later, Brian decided to call it a night. He and Emily each offered to see Heather home, but as she lived a few blocks away in Hell's Kitchen and had grown up there, she insisted on going alone. Emily was glad for the opportunity to see Andy home instead, since he seemed incapable of getting anywhere unassisted. A part of her hoped he would remember enough to be appreciative when he saw her at the office. She and Paul led him toward the door.

"Alright Andy, let's get a cab. Our treat."

He was floating at this point. "Oh, alright."

Heather met them at the door. "Hey, it was great to meet you guys." She gave Emily a quick hug. "You got my number. Use it."

Emily smiled. "I promise. This was a blast."

They loaded Andy in the cab, unsure of what was awaiting him at the end of his trip home.

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