Thursday, June 28, 2012


They headed downtown on foot, Brady snapping photos as they went. His arm gave him less pain that it had the previous day, thanks to the medicine he'd been given. They again reached the block where the fighting had erupted.

"Do you feel a little skittish?" he asked. "I keep expecting to hear gunshots again."

"Yeah, I feel that, a little," Aggie said. "It's good for me, though. I want to remember that feeling as I write my story."

"Man, that was so scary. I just want to forget it."

They reached the alley, and Aggie's thoughts drifted again to her young hero, brandishing his weapon and showing her to safety.

"I bet you've written half the story already, haven't ya?"

"Hmm? Oh, yeah. I've got a few pages already." She ran her fingers across some bullet holes in the wall and thought of his hurt leg. She prayed he wasn't being treated cruelly by the police.

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