Thursday, June 21, 2012


Emily interrupted. "Hey, I just got a text from Andythe other Andy," she said, touching the drunken Andy's arm. "They took Jason home and are going home themselves."

"Aw, I knew it," said Brian, taking another shot with his cue. He was giving Paul a beating. "Well, maybe he'll be awake enough to bring me a doughnut in the morning."

"You still got a lot to do?" Paul asked.

"Yeah, a ton. Still have pages and pages of ads to organize, articles and images to sort through." He finally missed a shot.

"Do you ever worry that you won't have enough to put in an issue?" Paul aimed carefully.

"Heh, naw, it's more worrying about who you're gonna cheese off if you can't fit their stuff in."

Paul sank two balls with one shot. "Pssht, that was lucky," Brian said.

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