Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Brady and Aggie shared a small holding cell apart from the cell block they had visited on Saturday. Brady sat on the bench and looked at the ceiling, apparently searching for contentment in his current situation. Aggie stood, sipping water from a cup and thinking about how he would grow through this experience and what kind of man he would be. She also thought about the gang members and why one of them apparently thought his punishment would be lighter if he framed the two Americans for trafficking. And she thought again of the handsome gangster who sacrificed his body to protect them that day. When the thoughts became overwhelming, she focused on Dave Pike, whom she was hoping to be her hero on this day.

"You didn't do it, right Aggs?" Brady said suddenly. "I know ya didn't. Those guys are just tryin' to get some leniency, right? Can that actually work?"

"I kinda doubt it, but I don't know. Sometimes when you're in big trouble, you want more people in it with you."

"Trouble loves company, right?" He stood up, leaned against the bars and sighed. "Think Dave can get us outta this?"

"I'm afraid I don't know any more than you do. I've never been behind bars before. And it's my first time in El Salvador."

"I hope they're not passing around our credit cards in there."

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