Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Nearly fifteen hours after takeoff, Michelle's Egyptair flight finally landed at Damascus International Airport. While it was Monday evening in New York, it was already Tuesday morning in Syria. Michelle was thankful she'd been able to get plenty of sleep during the flight. Upon landing, she found she had a text message from Emily saying that Jason wouldn't be able to join her until the following morning. That pleased her, since she would now have an entire day to explore the city alone, taking pictures of whatever she wished.

She had bought long skirts that would help her fit in better, and she had worn one for the flight. She knew it wouldn't prevent her from sticking out as a tourist, but hopefully she would get fewer judgmental stares for any perceived lack of modesty.

With her luggage in tow, she exited the terminal and was greeted by much warmer air than she had left behind her in New York. The temperature would reach the mid-sixties by the afternoon. As she began looking for a ride to the hotel, she became very excited about this trip, especially this first day on her own.

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