Monday, September 17, 2012


"Well, well, well," Dave said, smiling with hands on his hips. The atmosphere in the whole room had turned to mirth when he and Pierce Devreaux entered, so Aggie and Brady didn't mind a little lighthearted joking. "And I thought you were one of the good ones, Aggie."

Brady, surprised in the middle of an intense moment but just as happy to see Dave as Aggie was, countered with a goofy cartoon voice. "It wasn't us, honest!"

"Dave, thank you so much for coming," Aggie said with a shudder. Their relationship began before Brady joined the magazine, and it had always seemed a level above all others at the company. Brady almost thought he saw tears in her eyes. He couldn't help but wonder if another moment like they'd just shared could ever happen again, now that the situation had taken a dramatic turn.

"Don't worry about a thing," said Pierce. "We have connections to lawyers who specialize in just this kind of thing."

And then they saw the lieutenant produce the keys from his belt.

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