Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Two thousand miles away in Santa Tecla, the breakfast that Brady and Aggie were sharing in their hotel's dining area was interrupted by two young policemen. "Perdón, Señor Murr, Señorita Simms?" said one of them.

They looked at each other. Aggie finally said, "Sí?"

In Spanish, the young officer asked them to accompany them to their vehicle. She asked for identification, but even after they'd provided it, she felt frozen to her chair. She asked what would happen if they refused to go along. At that, the lieutenant from the station emerged from the hotel office across the hall from the dining room. Aggie felt relieved at seeing a familiar, even friendly face.

"Good morning, my friends," he said in English. "I ask you, please no be difficult. We have a situation that need you cooperate with us."

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