Friday, September 28, 2012


After enduring a long taxi ride in unruly traffic, Jason was glad to finally be in his hotel room in downtown Damascus. He knew he'd have to get in touch with Michelle soon, but for the moment he just wanted to lie on the soft bed. His flight had been difficult to sleep through.

He had only been on the bed for a minute when the phone in the room began to ring. He was annoyed that Michelle was calling him already. He pulled himself off the bed and picked up the receiver. He made no attempt to hide his irritation when he said, "Hello."

"Jason." It was a man's voice--Dave's! "How was your flight."

"It was alright. Long. I didn't get much..."

"Listen, we have a problem. Michelle hasn't checked into the hotel. As far as we can tell, she's missing. Can you look into it?"

Jason sat in the desk chair, unable to speak for a moment. Finally, he found his voice. "Miss-missing? Are you..."

"Talk to the people at the hotel, ask around, do whatever you have to do. But call me on my cell before you alert any authorities, ok? I've got my own plan I'll put into action as soon as I hear from you. Ignore your story for now until we know where she is. Got it?"

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