Friday, September 14, 2012


As much as Brady wanted to hold her, Aggie was in bad need of being held. She came closer still. "Brady, in case they do separate us, I want you to know..." She looked at the floor, searching. He just waited for whatever it was. "You've been so great. This has been one of the best trips...until now, of course."

He spoke in a low voice. "Yeah, it's been fun."

"I think you're really great." Was she even closer? Brady began to feel excited and uncomfortable at the same time. "There's no one I'd rather have with me here, tonight," she said.

Whoa, Brady thought. Did she want to be kissed? If it were any other girl, he wouldn't hesitate, but this was Aggie. She was his senior partner, a mentor, someone he respected. And he'd never been in love before. What on Earth should he do? He began to sweat on the back of his neck. He eased forward and touched her arms, hoping this was what she wanted and that he wasn't making a total fool of himself. Of all places for their first kiss! Was this really happening?

"I'm really glad it's you," she said softly.

"Me too," he said, not knowing what else to say. He lowered his head to match her height, and she lifted her face, eyes closed. Their lips were now impossibly close...

The door burst open without warning. The lieutenant entered, smiling as usual. "Hola!" he shouted. "You have visitors!"

Aggie had never felt such joy as when she saw Dave's face in that moment.

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