Thursday, November 22, 2012


Jason had been asleep for a few hours back at his own hotel when the phone rang, waking him. He was disoriented from the exhaustion of the previous day. Who would be calling him in Damascus in the middle of the night?

It was Peter, of course. "Jason, get yerself ready and meet us in the lobby ASAP." He rang off. Something had happened. Whether good or bad, it was impossible to hear in Peter's voice. Maybe he wasn't sure himself.

Still rubbing his face to rouse himself, Jason met Peter and Rani wearing khakis, a sweater and his long coat. He was glad he'd brought some warm clothes, though he hadn't imagined he'd be running around at night so much when he packed.

"Four a.m., guys? What's goin' on? Did somebody find her?"

"Big lead," said Rani. They had black duffle bags with them.

"Somebody heard somebody who knew about Michelle's luggage talking about some other person who wanted to get her off the side of the road," Peter said.

"Huh. So we were right about that. So what do we do?"

"We have an address," Rani said. "We're going in."

"We--what? The three of us?"

Peter smiled, something Jason hadn't seen much yet. "We have a team. We're meeting them now."

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