Wednesday, November 14, 2012


"...tonight of a New York City journalist missing in the Syrian capital of Damascus, where massive protests and a rebel uprising have been going on for months." The family was glued to the television as the anchorman laid out what was known. A picture of Michelle filled the television screen, at least two years old, from before she'd broken off ties with her family. "Brooklyn resident Michelle Owens, a photographer for a travel magazine based in New York, went to Damascus earlier this week on assignment and hasn't been heard from since. Our own Casey Banning spoke with the FBI about Michelle's disappearance. Casey, what have you heard?"

The picture changed to a female reporter in lower Manhattan. "Thanks, Lou. I spoke with Matthew Remington at the FBI's New York Field Office in the Federal Building behind me. Now it's only been three days since anyone has heard from Michelle, but the case has gotten the attention of the FBI due to signs that she may have been assaulted and could be injured..."

"Assaulted?" Andy said, shocked. He hadn't heard anything like that. "What's she talkin' about?"

Michelle's parents were just as surprised. Eliisa buried her face in Carl's chest and sobbed while the reporter finished her story. Andy's heart sank into his stomach. He couldn't look at the screen.

" the FBI continues to work with Syrian authorities to find Michelle. For Channel Six News, I'm Casey Banning."

"Thanks, Casey. And we'll be following this story and will update you as more details arrive, and our thoughts and prayers go out to Michelle's family."

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