Friday, November 2, 2012


Brian poked his head into Dave's office. "Hey."

"Hey, have a seat, Brian." Dave continued typing his e-mail while Brian sat and tried to be comfortable. He had no idea what might be coming. Rockefeller Center was visible through the window. Shoppers in heavy coats were scurrying around six floors below them. He looked at some of the items on Dave's windowsill: a tennis trophy, a family portrait, a Far Side daily calendar that still showed Monday's page. Finally the e-mail was sent, and Dave turned to address him.

"I had a long look at the new issue last night."

"Cool. I hope it was--"

"Ya did good, man. I saw a few stylistic things that I would've done slightly differently, but this is always a team effort, and I like that this one kinda has your signature on it. I couldn't find anything really negative about it, and that says a lot."

"Yeah, it does..."

"This was a great experience for you, and if anything ever happened to me, I'm really glad somebody like you is around to take the reigns. You've got a good eye and you know what customers are looking for."


"So can you give me one good reason we shouldn't make you VP of Content right this minute?"

Brian felt outside of himself. "S...seriously?"

"And I think we can get that monthly movie going. In fact, that can be your first responsibility. It's all yours. Work with Emily."

"Whoa, thanks, Dave..."

"You've earned it, man. Great work. I'm lookin' forward to workin' more closely with ya."

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