Friday, November 9, 2012


At five o'clock, Andy packed his messenger bag, said his goodbyes and took the elevator to the sub station. He didn't even know what her parents looked like. Did they even know she was dating someone? What would they think of him? He knew they had Jesus in common, and that gave him comfort. But that would have to come up in conversation--they wouldn't just know it. And he knew her father was a black man like himself, which helped a little, too. So the situation could have been worse.

He had thought about calling ahead, but showing up unannounced actually felt right, since they would see his demeanor and hopefully understand right away that his character and intentions were true. On the ride to Greenwich Village he read a book on his phone to distract himself, but focus was a stranger. He kept seeing the faces of these people he'd never seen. If only his phone would ring, with someone ready to tell him that Michelle was ok. He'd much rather she would introduce them.

He reached the Village and decided to get something to eat, help him feel stronger. A half hour later he found the apartment, charming and humble in a peaceful neighborhood. Seeing where she grew up made him even more emotional. He pictured the little girl she was running down this very sidewalk, shouting at the neighbor kids. He closed his eyes and rang the doorbell.

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