Wednesday, November 7, 2012


"I'm just sayin', to mock good people for not knowing about things that have nothing to do with their lives is pretty arrogant." Rachel was enhancing photos of Tasmania on her computer and chatting with Ricardo through their shared cubicle wall. It was normal for her to talk to him much more than anyone else in the office, since they spent a lot more time together. "I mean, who is Jay Leno to be makin' fun of anyone, anyway?"

"He's, um, Jay Leno," Ricardo said as he scanned his post-lunch e-mails. "That's who he is. And come on, anybody who can't name at least two of the guys on Mount Rushmore has gotta be pretty ignorant."

"Ignorant of things that mean nothing to them, though. I admire them for having more relevant things to think about."

"Hmph, if they're thinking about anything. And really, none of those guys on Mount Rushmore are relevant? Whoa, what's this? 'Congrats to Brian Grouper on his promotion...' VP! Brian's a veep now! Youngest in the magazine's history, it says! Oh man, drinks are on him again tonight."

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