Tuesday, November 20, 2012


"Oh, should I have?" Dave said from the kitchen as he poured himself a whiskey. "Maybe I missed that day in civics class." He brought his glass in the living room and sat on the couch next to Cindy, who looked very tense. The three men remained silent, apparently waiting for Dave to say something that would ensnare him. "Seriously, guys, is it against the law to not report an employee who goes missing in a foreign country? Or is it my moral fortitude that's on trial here?"

"No one's on trial, Mr. Pike," said the blond. "We just wanna find your missing employee. We'd appreciate your complete cooperation."

"Sounds like you know an awful lot already. How will questioning me help?"

"Mr. Pike, by failing to report Ms. Owens as missing, you have put her in immense danger. If you had alerted the FBI when you found out, we'da had a full day earlier to start lookin' for her."

"Did you drive all the way out here to tell me that?"

"Mr. Pike, we're bringing you in for questioning. Agents are confiscating the computer in your office tonight. Please surrender your cell phone--"

"You people broke into my office?"

The blond raised his voice. "If you do not come quietly, of your own volition..."

Dave stood and put his fists together as an invitation to arrest him. He knew this had nothing to do with finding Michelle. The FBI was after Peter's and Rani's network. Bringing Dave in wouldn't help them, as the network was well hidden, but fighting them wouldn't do any favors for his company or his family. He didn't say another word as they led him outside, where cameras were rolling and reporters were reporting. They put him in a car and took him away.

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