Friday, November 16, 2012


When Michelle awoke again, the sky was still dark. Or was it dark again? She decided it must be the same night, though she did feel a little stronger. Apparently her new doctor was taking good care of her. But what would happen once she healed? She felt certain she was a prisoner there and that no one but Asu and his father knew she was there. She tried to motivate herself to get up. Her one goal was to escape, but achievement seemed far away since her body had so much mending to do and had so many drugs pumped through it.

With much effort and some pain, she managed to sit up for the first time since she was thrown out of the taxi. Her head swam and her ribs ached. The house was incredibly quiet, and the only light was a streetlight shining through the blinds over the one window in the room. She slowly swung her legs over the side of the bed. The floor was nearly a foot from her toes. She felt very dizzy. She rubbed her face, trying to wake herself. Then she scooted her backside toward the edge of the bed with small twisting movements until she made contact with the floor. Now she felt sick. Her legs couldn't bear the weight, so she quickly lowered herself to a crawling position. She heard a sound--someone coming in? Maybe going to the bathroom. She prayed they wouldn't look in her room.

She waited on the floor for a few minutes. She didn't have the strength to return to bed anyway. She only ever heard the one sound, so finally she began to crawl toward the door opposite the bed. She hoped no one was sleeping outside the door. If she could just make it outside, she'd be free. She focused all her strength to that end.

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