Friday, October 19, 2012


Sure enough, once they'd exited the highway and found room to accelerate on the airport road, the car accelerated dramatically, obviously trying to get away. It didn't prove Michelle was inside, since the driver may have simply been afraid of the two men's intentions. Peter continued the chase, which reached high speeds on dangerous curves as they neared the airport. Both vehicles made frequent lane changes, narrowly avoiding cars as they passed by. Jason began to sweat from anxiety. He yelled "Whoa!" a couple of times, quite accidentally, but Peter ignored him.

"What if they don't stop?" Jason yelled.

"They gotta stop eventually."

Three police cars sat in front of the airport terminal, and this was where the driver decided to park. Peter rolled to a stop behind him. Three officers stood nearby, so far oblivious to the situation. No one moved in the car they'd chased down. "Be cool, Jason," Peter said as he climbed out of the cab. Jason remained in his seat, greatly relieved to be stopped but terrified of what might happen next. Peter reappeared within seconds, holding a crowbar. "We're gonna have a look in that trunk," he said to Jason through the open door, and then he proceeded toward the car.

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