Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Traffic to the airport had become heavier in the afternoon. The combination of Jason's sleepless night on the plane, the extremely loud and abrasive music, and having nothing to look at but barren desert and the back of a sedan caused him to nearly doze off despite the seriousness of his mission. Suddenly the flow of traffic slowed dramatically, stirring him to full consciousness. Peter could see the reason for the delay.

"A car went off the road up here on the left. It was tryin' t' cut in and get back on."

Jason looked at him. Peter was studying the scene. Jason shouted, "You don't think..."

"We better find out." As he was saying it, he took the SUV off the highway to the right, down a slight incline onto the sandy ground, accelerating past the cars on the road. Jason saw passengers staring in disbelief. He was surprised himself, but only slightly. He wished he had something to hold onto.

"Which car?" he yelled. The music was still pumping, but now it began to add to the excitement of the situation for him.

"It was ten cars in front of us," Peter shouted back confidently. Jason was impressed that he could tell. "Or maybe eleven," Peter added. "I think it was gray, but it was hard to tell in the glare."

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