Thursday, October 18, 2012


Jason had to close his eyes as the wheel nearest him clipped the edge of the exit ramp. The vehicle went airborne for a couple of seconds, and the rear panel on Peter's side smacked the car he was trying to cut off. That car stopped, along with the traffic behind it, but Peter regained control of the SUV and continued his pursuit.

Jason's heart was racing. He hoped this effort was worth the trouble they were causing, since all they had seen was a car forcing its way onto the highway on the way to the airport. The probability that it had anything to do with Michelle seemed small, though the location did make sense based on what they knew.

"Does that look like her?" Peter asked. The passenger in the car in front of them had turned around and was staring at them, obviously wondering what the crazy driver behind her was up to. Peter had seen pictures of Michelle, but Jason would be able to identify her much better.

"No, definitely not," he said. "But she could be in the back seat, or the trunk."

"Yep. Let's stay in pursuit. It's the only lead we have so far."

Jason prayed to God that she was in that car, alive. But if she was, whoever picked her up may have misinterpreted Peter's daredevil move as evil intent for the girl, which could result in a real car chase after all.

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