Thursday, May 3, 2012


"Is that what's eatin' you?" Dave tried to make light of the situation, and he wondered if Jason's deeper concern might be for his own safety. Jason may not have even detected his own fear just yet. "Look. You're not going there as a reporter. It's the same job as always. The idea is to help readers understand what they would experience if they decided to go to Damascus right now. We don't want hard-hitting news. Just the atmosphere. Just get us four pages on the atmosphere in downtown Damascus, with a few quotes from people in the middle of the action. Make sense?"

Jason looked as though he wasn't breathing.

"Jason, you're all I've got for this. I trust you with it. You'll be great. Just keep out of trouble; they're not gonna bother you if you're not bothering them. It's not like you'll have a TV camera in their faces." Dave nudged him and smiled. "And you'll have Michelle to protect you."

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