Wednesday, May 16, 2012


He heard Aggie speaking in Spanish to the gang member who had saved them. Was there anything she couldn't do? Suddenly she was by Brady's side.

"Brady, you still with me? We're gonna get you to a hospital, ok? Hang on."

The gangster crouched beside him and shouted at Aggie over the gunfire and voices in the street. She translated: "Do you think you can walk, Brady?" He felt arms hoisting him up, and his weight shifted to his feet.

"Um...uh....yeah, I think so." Strength returned to his legs as if in response to his voice. They walked into the street with two courageous gang leaders shielding them, holding up their hands as a signal that noncombatants were passing through. Within seconds, the one who had saved them was shot in the leg. The other returned fire as Aggie and Brady ran for their lives to the next intersection.

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