Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Jason was making his way toward Senior VP of Content Dave Pike's office when Dave stepped out and called his name. By the time Jason arrived, Dave was already seated at his desk again. Jason had just returned from lunch at a restaurant with slow service, so he was more irritable than usual. He made no effort to hide his theory of a shifting mission for the magazine.


"Jason, have a seat. Hey, nice suit. Got plans?"

"Yeah, an early Valentine's party."

"Ah, cool. I see you got the new assignment. How ya feelin'?"

Jason leaned forward in his seat. "You wanna know if I have any concerns."

"Yeah, I know Damascus is kinda scary right now. It's actually not as..."

"What's the deal with sending us out as reporters, Dave? Interviewing protesters, really? We're not Newsweek."

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