Monday, July 23, 2012


But at that moment a friend of Dave's entered the restaurant, and the meeting was suspended. Dave introduced the three of them as his team and invited the man to dine with them. The younger men finished their lunch mostly in silence as Dave chatted with his friend, who was in the publishing business. Andy felt relieved that he may not be required to answer Dave's questions after all. Jason, on the other hand, planned to tell Dave later what changes to the company he would recommend.

A light snow was falling as they briskly walked back to the office, the vapor from their breath looking like smoke from three steam engines. Dave apologized. "Sorry our lunch was interrupted, guys. It was fun, though. I'll keep what you said in mind." They thanked him for lunch, and the four of them discussed the previous weekend's Super Bowl until they reached the Simon and Schuster building. Jason said goodbye and continued walking, and the others returned to the sixth floor to resume their work.

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