Tuesday, July 10, 2012


"You are in luck, señorita. They's kept here until tonight." The desk attendant, a roly-poly police lieutenant with a mustache and a big smile, led them down a hallway to a heavy door and unlocked it. "I caution you, señorita, the men in here can be very...impolite."

He opened the door and led them past a few cells. Each contained one to four prisoners, and all appeared to perk up at the sight of Aggie's pale, pink skin and curly, brown hair. She wanted to make eye contact to show that she was friendly, but she was afraid of the consequences. She preferred not to cause any more of a stir than necessary. But only a few seconds went by before the cell block became very loud with the inmates' catcalls. They proceeded to the last few cells, where eleven gang members were being held. They looked younger than they had yesterday, next to the older prisoners here.

"I stay here, ok?" the lieutenant said.

Aggie nodded. She pulled a notepad from her bag as she surveyed the cells for the young man with the injured leg. "Hola," she said to four of them in the cell nearest her.

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