Friday, December 7, 2012

End Season 1

Yep, sorry fans. Real life is starting to pick up steam, and my energy for fiction writing is about used up. I'd wanted to write a serial with lots of characters for years, and this has been really fun. I really like the premise I came up with, and I enjoy every single character. But I doubt any soap opera writer is expected to write five days a week for a whole year. Eight months was all I had. This seems like a good place in the story to take a break anyway.

I'm gonna use that time to focus even more on my family, my work and my ministry with the kids at church. Maybe I'll even write a song or two if time allows. 

This has been really good for my writing skills. I have no writing plans for the future, though. I may get that urge to create again someday when things calm down again. It might be Bold Traveler, but it might be something else instead.

Huge thanks to my readers who encouraged me and even gave me good ideas, especially my wife Tara. And thanks to Facebook for helping me get a few readers without any effort at all. It's been fun, y'all.


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