Tuesday, May 15, 2012


From an alley in Santa Tecla's historic downtown, they watched their protector as he gazed down the street, weapon in hand. A gang battle had erupted moments ago as Brady was photographing the town and Aggie was taking notes. Brady had been shot near his right elbow and was bleeding profusely. A concerned gang member had quickly escorted them into the alley.

Brady shifted his focus to Aggie's face, strong in spite of their situation. Her brown curls framed her rubicund cheekbones perfectly, and she looked like a petite action heroine. "Incredible." His lip quivered from the pain in his arm. She moved closer to the street for a better view of the action. "Aggie," he said, but dizziness forced him to sit on the dusty pavement. He wished they'd had a more substantial lunch. The gunshots continued; the noise made him sicker. He was sure he'd lose consciousness soon.

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