Monday, April 30, 2012


Emily Dunsford typed up the all-company memo excitedly: "Come Celebrate 8 Years of Bold Traveling!" She would party for any reason at all, but she was proud of the magazine she worked for, and there was no better place to celebrate this anniversary than Little Nemo's on 50th Street. It was the Bold Traveler hangout. She spent five nights a week at that bar and grill along with her boyfriend Paul, layout director "Black" Andy, content manager Brian, and whatever writers and photographers were in town at the time. Little Nemo's was Emily's mainstay, and though the anniversary was two weeks away, she was already planning what to wear when the president and VPs were there along with their spouses.

Writer Jason Huston rushed into the room of thirty-five cubicles from the reception area, folder in hand. Passing by Emily's desk, he called to his regular photographer, Michelle. "Hey. How long have you worked here?"

Michelle hesitated, as if waiting for a punchline. "Um, just over two years. Same as you, right?"

He held out the folder. "Ever seen an assignment like this?"

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